New Seismic Viewer

The new Seismic Viewer is coming along well, albeit a little slowly. I still need a good name for it though.

As well as the basic viewer, it now produces Single trace displays:

SMR Single Trace-s

MultiSelect displays – you can select up to 12 traces from anywhere in the record and display them side by side (With labels of your choice):

SMR MultiTrace-s

Spread error displays based on flagged errors in the file or on user specified values for resistance/leakage/tilt:

SMR Spread Resistance-s

It can produce Time and frequency slices and also(not shown here)

Line profiles:

SMR Profiles-s

Also Detection of weak and noisy traces that should otherwise be OK (IE resistance/leakage/tilt are good, but the trace is bad):


And it also includes an optional database that records spread errors.

So far, it only handles Sercel 408/428 and some limited SEGY, but I am expanding that.

The finished product will handle the abortion of SEGD V3 and SEG2 along with better support for SEGY.

I am not likely to release it until I get some more work – why give it to someone who would be doing work that I should be doing!

So, if you want a copy, get me some work.

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