SaneSeis and Seismic File Viewers

Disappointingly SaneSeis doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

I have seen little to no interest in the concept. Unsurprisingly no one from the SEG has commented.
I had hoped to at least provoke some discussion on acquisition file formats with a view to finally replacing the SEG abortions, but I guess I am too insignificant for the powers that be to notice. Or perhaps the SEG doesn’t know much about the big world outside.
At least I tried, unlike the SEG.

The last couple of months have been a bit of a change. Was involved in a multi-disciplined geophysical study aimed at understanding some shallow artefacts.
Although the job involved the usual – High res seismic, gravity and upholes, the new technique to me was TDEM. Although it has some sound physics behind it, I am not yet convinced it is the answer that some claim it to be.
There are just too many assumptions made to give me confidence, especially for deeper results.
That being said, I am convinced it works for shallow work, in the 10s of metres rather than the 100s required for oil and mineral work.
So I have a plan to build a small system and test its effectiveness for use in archaeology (or for fun if the truth be known).

But that all comes after I finish my latest seismic file viewer, which is coming on fairly well, albeit slowly at the moment.
It will handle SEGD (V2 and the new V3 disaster, Sercel variants only though), SEGY and SEG2.
It will include routines for refraction and time slices, frequency slices, and other types of analysis.
An early release should be available in a month or so, but it won’t have all features.

SMRefract Jan 2016 s



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