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VAPSDB3 updates

Friday, March 16th, 2018

Finally got around to completing some overdue updates to VAPSDB3

Listing of results is now available for all (except Areal, where it wouldn’t be much use)

Scatter Graph and History Limit line thickness can now be set
Fixed issue in Patterns where resizing the dialog does not keep the draw area square. Now circles remain as circles
Fixed possible crash in Vib Stats is data not loaded
Reworked the way numeric results are displayed in Vib Stats

And a few other minor fixes.

The updated user manual is here:

And program details here:

SMRefract does Nodal

Sunday, March 11th, 2018

Recently updated SMRefract to handle some of the newer nodal systems:

  • Sercel WTU
  • DTCC’s SmartSolo
  • Innoseis Quantum Tremornet
  • Geospace GCL and GSB

More information, and the user manual here:

And here are links to information about each system: